The Unhealer

Resto is only one of the three talent specs.

So it has been just over a month since I last posted a to do list for myself in order to be geared out for a 10-man Naxx team. A lot has changed in that month. As it stands now I only have Malygos on both 10 and 25 left to beat until I have [...]

With a little bit of gear I’ve now basically ditched running regular dungeons in favor of their heroic counter parts. Doing a quick scan of the cloth gear that drops from various bosses and is also available from reputation rewards I have worked out a basic idea of the items I am after. Some of [...]

Last night I finally made it to level 80 on my Belf Priest. I’ve found myself distracted by a lot of things outside of game in the month since Wrath was released. This lead to leveling a bit slower than I thought I would. My first run through Utgarde Pinnacle got me to 80 and [...]

Let’s Get Disciplined

The priest I had been casually leveling hit 70 about a week ago. This character is the sixth character that I’ve raised to level 70. Also, despite my previous thought of playing the Druid in WotLK I’ve instead decided to play this Priest. Currently I’ve specced her as 59/2/0 Discipline and really enjoying it. I’m [...]

Now that the 3.0 patch has gone live is time once again for the Add-On Scavenger hunt. This is where I monitor the add-on sites for updates to the plethora of mods that I use. During this time I also find out which add-ons have been discontinued by the author, make a note, and then [...]

In vanilla WoW I leveled two level 60 characters. In TBC WoW I leveled 5 level 70 characters. With the WotLK looming I’ve decided that I want to get as much mileage out of one character before spreading myself thin over many characters. This is a thought I’ve had for some time, but I’ve been [...]

I play a lot of hybrid classes. My Tauren Shaman is specced Resto for raiding. We’re not raiding now, so he’s whatever spec I feel like playing. The rest are usually specced as DPSers. This got me thinking about how our class names show up in game. Check out the Armory and you will see [...]

Ha! So I’ve been neglectful in posting to my blog. An update is in order. Messing around with my Dwarven Shadow Priest I got the feeling something was a little off. I was itching to play Horde again. For some reason I like things better on the Horde side. I also love playing the Shadow Priest. [...]

My Main For WotLK?

In celebration of a new expansion I think I’m going to delete all the toons in my account. Then I’m going to roll a new toon by closing my eyes and randomly clicking the mouse. Once leveled to 70 this will be my main for the WotLK.

There are still a bunch of items to complete before I’m happy with my Shadow Priest’s gearing. Here are some of the bigger items on my list: Run Tempest Keep dungeons roughly 3 more times to get to Revered with the Sha’tar. Result: Glyph of Power Farm Heroic Slave Pens for Quagmirran’s Eye. PvP for [...]

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