The Unhealer

Resto is only one of the three talent specs.

Other Things I’ve Been Up To

Wow, so long time since I’ve updated this blog! In that time I’ve messed around with WoW and LotRO. It doesn’t seem that MMOs are really keeping my interest anymore. I didn’t play TOR or Diablo III. Perhaps I’ll give GW2 a shot. We’ll see. In place of gaming I’ve been trying to improve my [...]

Dr. Horrible Is Awesome

There are still a bunch of items to complete before I’m happy with my Shadow Priest’s gearing. Here are some of the bigger items on my list: Run Tempest Keep dungeons roughly 3 more times to get to Revered with the Sha’tar. Result: Glyph of Power Farm Heroic Slave Pens for Quagmirran’s Eye. PvP for [...]

Recently Played From Last.FM

I signed up with Last.FM the other day because I wanted to put one of those widgets on my website that showed what music I had just listened to. The problem is that after a few days of “Scrobbing” tracks all night Last.FM still tells me that I don’t have enough tracks played to display [...]