The Unhealer

Resto is only one of the three talent specs.


I’m going to be doing National Blog Posting Month in November. This will be a departure from not posting any updates for weeks at a time. Tomorrow is the 1st!

The good folks over at Twisted Nether Blogcast have put together a Wiki to help organize the WoW Blogging Universe. We even have our own page. If you’re a WoW blogger, interested in WoW blogs or just interested in WoW head on over there and check it out. In other news the fifth installment of [...]

A Bit Of A Name Change

Almost immediately using my real name as both URL and blog name didn’t seem to match what I was writing about. I thought about it for a while, bounced some ideas off of the people in the BA chatroom and decided on “The Unhealer”. The motivation behind it is that I have 4 healing capable [...]

Another Go At It

I’ve decided to give blogging another go. I usually enter these things with an energy that is quickly expended leaving the blog to collect dust. Let’s see how it goes this time. I’ve installed WordPress and found a theme that will work for now.