Lately I have felt disenchanted with the state of Warcraft so I put my account on ice for a while. The content is not keeping my attention. Looking for greener pastures I decided to give EverQuest II another shot. When it first debuted in the Fall of 2004 I played it for a month or two before dropping it for Warcraft. Since that time the game has seen many expansions and changes in game play. A vast uncharted territory is very appealing to me.

My original EQ2 character was a Halfling Templar named Mckenzie on the Unrest server. When he was last seen running around Norrath he was level 19 and had just completed the quest line to move from Cleric to Templar. This transition is something that has been removed from the game. Now you just choose which specific class you want from the character selection screen. Since a lot has changed I decided to start fresh with a Dwarf Paladin name Colgaryn on the Guk server. His home city is Kelethin rather than Qeynos. Both characters have been working through the Tier 2 content and have started dipping their toes in the Tier 3 content.

At level 20 an armor quest line becomes available that will upgrade you to a fresh set of cloths with what seems like decent stats. I have finished both the forearms and gloves on the Paladin and will start the same on the Templar soon. First I’m trying to catch up the Templar’s AA point count. This is a system that didn’t exist in its current state the last time I played. Meaning when I logged in I had no points. Searching the forums I haven’t found agreement on the correct ratio of AA points to level to maintain. I think I’ll try for 2 AA points for every 1 level. At level 90 this will give 180 AA points. Hopefully this is a good jumping off point.

So far the adventuring has been fun!