So it has been just over a month since I last posted a to do list for myself in order to be geared out for a 10-man Naxx team. A lot has changed in that month. As it stands now I only have Malygos on both 10 and 25 left to beat until I have bested all the current raid content of WotLK. This doesn’t include various “hard mode” achievements. The Loot Fu has been kind to me. I only have one blue item remaining and my kit is four slots away from the Epic achievement.

Overall my opinion is a bit mixed about WotLK raiding. I’m glad that the 10 man version of Naxx is a bit easier than I remember Karazhan initially. It is fun to head in with a group of friends and make some immediate progress with immediate returns. I wish that they hadn’t enabled a heroic version of Naxx, but rather launched with something like Ulduar as the initial 25-man raid. After clearing through Naxx on 10 man it does not really have that heroic a feel on Heroic. Especially when many of the encounters feel either the same or easier on Heroic.

In any event there are now a bunch of achievements to work on completing while we wait for Ulduar to drop. First on the list is downing Arachnophobia. Unfortunately we have had a ton of lag lately which has slowed our progression down. Another straight forward achievement we should get soon is Twilight Assist. I see both of these very doable in both 10 and 25 man raids.

Apart from raiding I have been trying to quest in my spare time to purchase my epic flier. I’m generally failing at this since I am willing to drop any amount of money required to keep up the raiding efforts. What I need to get down is a good Daily Quest route that can net me a decent amount of gold a day. So far I haven’t found one I like. I have been able to fairly reliably complete the CoT: Strat timed run but since I don’t have the skill required I’ve been passing on the drake reward.