With a little bit of gear I’ve now basically ditched running regular dungeons in favor of their heroic counter parts. Doing a quick scan of the cloth gear that drops from various bosses and is also available from reputation rewards I have worked out a basic idea of the items I am after. Some of the items might not be the most ideal option for the slot but the idea is to acquire a basic set to make raiding a better reality. You can see my current gearing here. Item slots that I’m leaving out already have a satisfactory item equipped.


  • Any of the above items could be replaced by another item that drops for me and is an upgrade.
  • Given that there really isn’t that much attractive Heroism Badge loot I’d probably spend badges after the trinket on the T7 Robes and Gloves. I’m not sure if I’m going to buy any alts Artifact items or not.
  • I haven’t met the Sons of Hodir yet so a WotLK shoulder enchant isn’t available to me yet. I can slap on the lesser Scryer enchant just to have some extra stats.