Last night I finally made it to level 80 on my Belf Priest. I’ve found myself distracted by a lot of things outside of game in the month since Wrath was released. This lead to leveling a bit slower than I thought I would. My first run through Utgarde Pinnacle got me to 80 and also the Northrend Dungeonmaster achievement. The next step will be to gear myself up enough to start running Heroics and 10-mans. At the moment our guild is in need of healers so I’m looking forward to lots of dungeon runs.

Matt wrote up an article about gearing a fresh level 80 Priest. I’ve decided to use his advice as a starting place for gearing up. Many of his suggestions are fairly easy to come by and I have obtained a couple items  already.

It wouldn’t be a status report on one of my characters without a to-do list. Here is my to-do list for the priest:

  • At the moment I am Championing The Wyrmrest Accord. I will continue to do so until I hit Revered.
  • Level Tailoring to 415 so that I can make Moonshroud cloth. This will allow me to obtain Frostmoon Pants and Aurora Slippers.
  • Work on leveling Enchanting as I have the materials. I had been selling all the items I had come across in order to make a bit more money. Since questing will now give gold for XP I’ll resume disenchanting all items I get.
  • Get to Exalted with the Kalu’ak so that I can get Pengu and move on to other Daily Quests.
  • Get to Honored with Kirin Tor for the Shroud of Dedicated Research. Maybe I’ll Champion them for a dungeon or two to speed this up and then go back to Wyrmrest Accord.
  • Obtain an epic flying mount. Gold investment in trade skills will probably be minimal until this is completed. Slow flyer seems even slower in Northrend.
  • Work on the Feast of Winter Vale achievements.