The Unhealer

Resto is only one of the three talent specs.

With a little bit of gear I’ve now basically ditched running regular dungeons in favor of their heroic counter parts. Doing a quick scan of the cloth gear that drops from various bosses and is also available from reputation rewards I have worked out a basic idea of the items I am after. Some of [...]

Last night I finally made it to level 80 on my Belf Priest. I’ve found myself distracted by a lot of things outside of game in the month since Wrath was released. This lead to leveling a bit slower than I thought I would. My first run through Utgarde Pinnacle got me to 80 and [...]

Upgraded To WP 2.7

I finally got around to upgrading the blog to WordPress 2.7. People have been talking about the great new features in this version. I can’t wait to check them out.