In vanilla WoW I leveled two level 60 characters. In TBC WoW I leveled 5 level 70 characters. With the WotLK looming I’ve decided that I want to get as much mileage out of one character before spreading myself thin over many characters. This is a thought I’ve had for some time, but I’ve been very indecisive about which character I would play. With the announcement of dual-specs I’ve started leaning towards playing the Druid.

My thinking is that I’ll choose Balance as my main spec and Feral as my secondary spec. With multiple sets of gear I will be able to fill the roles of spell caster, tank, and (perhaps) healer. This will allow me to play whichever role is needed on a particular night.

The other motivation behind choosing the Druid is his current skill level. It will very easy to max out cooking and fishing. The trade skills of Herbalism/Alchemy are generally always in demand and can help defray the costs of raiding. He is also in a good position to get an epic flyer before the expansion hits.