The Unhealer

Resto is only one of the three talent specs.


I’m going to be doing National Blog Posting Month in November. This will be a departure from not posting any updates for weeks at a time. Tomorrow is the 1st!

Now that the 3.0 patch has gone live is time once again for the Add-On Scavenger hunt. This is where I monitor the add-on sites for updates to the plethora of mods that I use. During this time I also find out which add-ons have been discontinued by the author, make a note, and then [...]

In vanilla WoW I leveled two level 60 characters. In TBC WoW I leveled 5 level 70 characters. With the WotLK looming I’ve decided that I want to get as much mileage out of one character before spreading myself thin over many characters. This is a thought I’ve had for some time, but I’ve been [...]