Running Karazhan with someone whose name begins with “Demon” can be problematic once you reach Illhoof. At least for me it was. This is because on my characters I build my targeting macro into my main offensive ability. In the case of my Shadow Priest the macro looks like:

#showtooltip Mind Flay
/tar Demon
/cast Mind Flay

I do this so that whenever someone is sacrificed I target them and cast in the same action. The hope is that the Demon Chains will die that much quicker. That is, unless there is someone named “Demon” in the raid. What happens in this scenario is first you think: why isn’t Mind Flay working? Next you think: Why am I targeting the Hunter across the room? Then you have the eureka moment when you realize that his name starts with “Demon”. Since I’m now in combat and can’t change my action bar I make due the rest of the fight clicking Mind Flay from my spell book. After the fight I changed the text of my macro from /tar Demon to /tar Demon Chains.