The other night Glynia finished farming for a Belt of Blasting to replace the quest green she was wearing. This week I am on vacation and I’ve come up with a list to finish off her pre-raid gearing. According to this should put me just over 1000 shadow damage.

Goals for my week off:

  • Get to 360 Enchanting for Enchant Ring – Spellpower. (Completed!)
  • Get to 375 Tailoring so I can craft Frozen Shadoweave Robe.
  • Get to Revered with the Sha’tar to get the head enchant.
  • Get to Honored with Keepers of Time to get both the heroic key and the enchanting patterns I want. (Completed!)
  • Get to Exalted with the Scryers for the Seer’s Signet and the next level shoulder enchant. (Completed!)
  • Get to Exalted with the Shattered Sun Offensive for the neck. (Completed!)
  • Finish farming the mats for a Spellstrike Hood. (Completed!)
  • Complete Magister’s Terrace at least once on normal for Heroic attunement and the +12 dmg gem.