This evening I stepped into Karazhan as a shadow priest for the first time ever. Having never run a single instance as a shadow priest I thought I did pretty well. The WWS report (Glynia is ‘Clio’) shows me as fairly competitive throughout the run (a statement SaladFork might have something to say about). Everywhere, except for on Moroes where a conflict between my shackle assignment, shackle macro and some noob tab-targetting caused my untimely death. I’d be interested in what other shadow priests might critique about my performance.

I pretty much died immediately on the Moroes fight (24% presence /cry). On the pull I shackled my first target perfectly on the rise. I then killed the initial add with no problems. The mistake was tab-targetting (dumb I know) and getting Moroes. I stuck VT, SW:P and VE on him before I realized my error. I then moved to the correct target without incident. Since it was my initial shackle target I was now in charge of shackling a different mob. Problem: the target being killed was my focus target and my macro shackles the focus. By this time Moroes had vanished for the first time. I continued to work on getting my new target locked away. On his return Moroes aggroed on me and killed me. D’oh!

I made up for this, I think, when I repositioned a badly shackled Skeletal Usher by wanding it and then re-shackling before it killed me. Certainly one of those I’m-a-shackle-undead-kung-fu-master moments. Perhaps not. It was certainly noticed by the tank who was probably bracing for a raid wiping add.

At the end of the night we left Nightbane, Netherspite and Prince standing. They’ll get their’s tomorrow night! Moving forward I need to tighten up my cast rotation and make sure the key cooldowns are used when available (also not use SW:D contunuously without VE). Some parts of Karazhan don’t seem overly friendly to working through this. The front stairs with the AoE packs and the magic resistant worms make a DPS with mostly DoTs a bit batty.

I’ve now run Karazhan with three or four distinct groups and it interests me how certain areas of the dungeon are handled slightly differently by different groups. That’s a post for another time though.