Yesterday on Twitter I asked:

I have a lvl 50 Paladin, a lvl 34 Druid and no Warrior. If I was looking to level myself a tank which would be my best option?

Thanks to those that responded. I thought about it a bit and I think I’m going to finish the Paladin. There are a couple of reasons I’m choosing the Paladin over the Druid. The biggest reason being that she has almost maxed out (for old world) Alchemy/Herbalism and I could really use them on Alliance. She is level 50 and it would only mean 20 more levels to go until 70. Pretty much everyone I know only does stuff with their max level toons, so there isn’t a compelling reason to stick around in lower brackets.

The intention is not to become a tank. Well, not a front line raiding tank. The goal is to be able to step in and tank when that is what is holding up a dungeon run. It is also an aspect of the game I haven’t seen and I’m curious. I think once I’m done with this character I’m going to have to finish leveling up my Horde Hunter to balance things out a little.