If you watch WoW news at all you’ve probably seen that Blizzard recently went on another banning spree. Sometimes well intentioned things can go askew and it appears that they have. TJ tells us this morning that one of her guild mates, Lamaa, was caught up in the latest roundup and banned from WoW. Just one of many, I’m sure, that showed up as false positive. Hopefully Blizzard will see the error of their ways and make things right.

Details from Lamaa below:

***Notice of Account Closure***

Access to the World of Warcraft account, ********, and any World of Warcraft account associated with the payment information you have provided, has been permanently disabled. The account has been identified as having used unauthorized game modifications and thus is in violation of the World of Warcraft Terms of Use. The recurring subscription on the account has been disabled to prevent further charges.

Please review the World of Warcraft Terms of Use at http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/legal/termsofuse.html, which you accepted when you installed World of Warcraft and established the account(s). Section 4, Paragraphs A and B detail the limitations of game play modifications and use of any third-party or packet sniffing software.

Furthermore, any activities not intended by game design which affect the economy, the client, player characters or the world itself have a tremendous negative impact on the potential enjoyment for all players. The effects of these activities take many forms including a bloated game economy, server instability, and allowing unauthorized access to accounts, computers, and player data.

As a result, the account(s) will no longer be accessible and will unfortunately not be reopened under any circumstances.

Any disputes or questions concerning this account action can only be addressed by Account Administration. To learn more about how Account Administration is able to assist you, please visit us at http://www.blizzard.com/support/wowaa/.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and respecting our position and all statutes within the World of Warcraft Terms of Use.


Account Administration
Blizzard Entertainment

This was the message I received when I got home from work on Tuesday. I have replied to the email requesting for the reason for the closure and for further investigation, as I’m sure if they actually looked into the account and the characters they would realize their mistake. I let them know about my use of wine/linux and the logitech g15 keyboard

I did try to contact them via phone. The billing department is the only people who will talk to you and are absolutley useless to talk to, even concerning the 3 month subscription charge that was renewed the day my account was closed that is apparently non-refundable.

I really don’t know what else I can do. I’m frustrated and a little sick to my stomach over it. It’s not like I have a whole lot in life to look forward to right now and it really feels like they are ripping away the past couple years of memories and experiences with the friends I’ve made in game.

Though they can’t really take that away despite everything; the friendships I’ve made here with you guys will endure even this.

It just may be awhile before we play together again Smile

Thank you all for your support! <3

On a side note, I made a trial account and got spammed with 4 gold selling/powerleveling advertisments as soon as I logged on to the character. GG bliz, way to get the bad guys!