Tubes was invited to run ZA this week after a bit of a hiatus from the instance. Previously my groups had only been able to get two chests and would stall out trying to kill Dragonhawk. I’ve been dying to run a full clear and complete my Hex Lord kill quest. Tonight was the night, almost.

Things started out well enough. Our route is Eagle, Bear, Dragonhawk and then Lynx. Fairly standard stuff I’m sure. The Eagle and Bear boss are killed fairly uneventfully. Two prisoners saved, we’re all heroes. We run through the trash up to Dragonhawk with few issues until we get the entrance of the pavilion and some coordination issues cause a bad pull and a wipe. While we regroup and rebuff we watch the timer expire and with it our hopes of a three chest run. Afterwards we take out our frustration on the boss and his hatchings.

Next up is the new content I’ve never seen before. It’ll be so new that I’ll cause this run to be spread over two days since I’m not specced correctly for the Hex Lord fight. See I don’t have any points in Healing Focus. So when the group gets a helping of Spirit Bolts I’ll be able to get maybe one heal off. This is counter to whole reason they brought me. On subsequent attempts I do try to use Earth Shield on myself as a work around. It doesn’t go as well as it could and we call the run after a few wipes due to time, interest level and a certain Resto Shaman’s inability to show up with the right talents.

To be fair I’d never fought the guy before and no one mentioned it to me in the prep time. I had looked over the strat on WoW Wiki once or twice, but not recently. In the end I chalk it up to a learning experience and a mistake that won’t be made twice.

The next night our 25-man SSC raid is called due to lack of people. The group from the previous night reforms to complete ZA with some substitutions. What’s the first thing I do? Well, I take the nearest portal to Orgrimmar and respec from 5/0/53 to 0/0/61 taking the five points in Healing Focus. Then I Astral Recall (because Shamans are awesome on many levels and this is one of them) and head to Silvermoon and then on to ZA.

This time around we walk into Hex Lords room and found our bearings and killed him. Having those talents went a long way. On to Zul’jin. This fight was really cool. It’s explanation also makes it seem a lot tougher than it actually was. We wiped the first try due to some coordination issues. The second time we made him our play thing. Instance clear!

Next time we’ll be getting that third chest. This time around I got Fury to mess around with.