The Unhealer

Resto is only one of the three talent specs.

This evening I stepped into Karazhan as a shadow priest for the first time ever. Having never run a single instance as a shadow priest I thought I did pretty well. The WWS report (Glynia is ‘Clio’) shows me as fairly competitive throughout the run (a statement SaladFork might have something to say about). Everywhere, [...]

Long Weekend Recap

A three-day weekend means an extra day to stay parked in front of WoW regardless of how nice it outside. Well, not quite. Saturday was spent raiding and Sunday was spent questing. On Monday I did get out and enjoy the nice weather. The highlights: Cowsley Through sheer luck Cowsley was able to get into [...]

Next Up: Tankadin

Yesterday on Twitter I asked: I have a lvl 50 Paladin, a lvl 34 Druid and no Warrior. If I was looking to level myself a tank which would be my best option? Thanks to those that responded. I thought about it a bit and I think I’m going to finish the Paladin. There are [...]

Help For Lamaa

If you watch WoW news at all you’ve probably seen that Blizzard recently went on another banning spree. Sometimes well intentioned things can go askew and it appears that they have. TJ tells us this morning that one of her guild mates, Lamaa, was caught up in the latest roundup and banned from WoW. Just [...]

Recently Tap Tap Pew Pew posted a two part interview about Demonology Warlocks. After reading it I decided that I’d try it out with Soulglowe. I found a common raiding spec on WoWWiki and opted to not take Shadowburn since it’s one of those abilities I always forget to use. Then it was off to [...]

After spending the night as the under-geared third healer and ever bored fifth wheel I decided to spec my Priest back to shadow for the time being. This will allow me to actually enjoy doing daily quests with the character, finish questing in Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley and play some useful part in speeding up [...]

Tubes was invited to run ZA this week after a bit of a hiatus from the instance. Previously my groups had only been able to get two chests and would stall out trying to kill Dragonhawk. I’ve been dying to run a full clear and complete my Hex Lord kill quest. Tonight was the night, [...]

Recently Played From Last.FM

I signed up with Last.FM the other day because I wanted to put one of those widgets on my website that showed what music I had just listened to. The problem is that after a few days of “Scrobbing” tracks all night Last.FM still tells me that I don’t have enough tracks played to display [...]

Another Go At It

I’ve decided to give blogging another go. I usually enter these things with an energy that is quickly expended leaving the blog to collect dust. Let’s see how it goes this time. I’ve installed WordPress and found a theme that will work for now.